You’re with the Band – Catching up with the Wells Family

Sara, Jade & Eden Wells took some time to act as props
at the King BMX Stunt Show at the 2007 State Fair.

The Wells Family Band out of Johnston County is returning to the Fair to perform on the Waterfall Stage. There’s a lot to love about this family (other than their great music). They have so much energy and charm … and they really like being together. Plus, they shared their State Fair experiences with the world last year through their video posts on YouTube called “You’re with the Band.” (They even videoed their performance at our media luncheon! yeah!)

I recently tracked down the Wells Family (Gary, Debi, Sara, Jade and Eden) to see what they’ve been up to this summer and find out what they love about the State Fair.

What have Ya’ll been up to lately?
We have been writing new songs, and working on new material in our show.

Have you had time for a family vacation?
Actually, this is the first year that we scheduled in time for a beach trip. North Carolina has the best beaches EVER!

What’s your favorite Fair food?
Al’s Fries… of course! We eat them almost everyday of the fair!

What’s on your iPod right now?
Everybody sing now… “I’ve got a pocket… got a pocket full of sunshine”

Favorite/most unique place you’ve performed?
We had the opportunity to sing the National Anthem at the NASCAR Pit Crew Challenge back in May. AWESOME!

Who’s the “black sheep” of the family?
We actually take turns being the “Black Sheep,” whoever we can blame at the time for something that goes wrong… “It’s the banjo players fault” Heard that one before! Ha ha.

On your Web site, Sara & Jade both proclaim a love for funky bowling. What the heck is “funky bowling?”
Funky Bowling is were you see how many creative ways you can come up with to bowl… you usually use the bumper guards and do things like bowl between your legs or with your eyes closed. It can get crazy! It isn’t about getting a high score. It’s about coming up with the most interesting bowling style. It is really fun in large groups of friends.

Do you have a favorite N.C. State Fair memory?
Ever since Sara, Jade and Eden were little girls, the favorite thing to do was milk the cow and get a carton of chocolate milk. Now that was a deal! They always look forward to it every year. You never get too old to milk a cow at the State Fair!

Sara (7), Jade (5), and Eden (2) at the N.C. State Fair Milking Booth

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  1. Wow…. A beach trip to North Carolina, have a great fun there!!

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