Yeah, there’s a deep-fried app for that.

appshot1A few weeks ago we came across the Twitter account @StateFairApp. Upon further investigation, we ended up talking with Triangle resident and app creator Rob Taylor about the State Fair Apps he’s created, including one specifically for the N.C. State Fair. (We’re even the featured Fair on his Web site screenshots.) Rob was nice enough to answer some questions for us.

We haven’t tried it out yet, but we’ll be giving away promo codes from our @NCStateFair Twitter account and at the Deep-Fried Triangle Tweetup on Thursday, Oct. 22, so you can take it for a test-drive. (Haven’t registered for the tweetup yet? Visit to join us. Rob will be there to talk about the app.)

Why did you create an app for state fairs?

I often go to the Fair, and spend most of my time walking around searching for 10 or so odd things that I know I enjoy or have read about prior to going.  Those things are my top priority items while I am at the fair.  Because I enjoy creating apps, it seemed like a great way to do something useful that people in my community could use.

How will this app help fairgoers?

With an app that has a search function tied to a map, I thought it would be helpful for people who are looking to get to a few rides or exhibits quickly, without fumbling their ways through the fairgrounds to find them.  I also wanted to allow people to give feedback for rides and exhibits.  These things are the core features of the application.  It also provides important information such as where the first aid station, restrooms, gates and mothers rooms are located, and shows you where you are located currently in conjunction to all those items.  It’s the portable, “YOU ARE HERE” map that is useful at different times.

What features can N.C. State Fairgoers expect from the app?

Ratings and reviews for the rides and exhibits (in version 1.1), a map of all the rides, buildings, and exhibits, a few of the favorite and unique food items and an event schedule with times and locations.

What’s your favorite part of the Fair?

I like taking my kids to see the bicycle show, the animals and the farm equipment.  That’s what we spend most of our time doing, but when I get a chance to break away, I head for the thriller rides, funnel cakes and fried treats.

If you could deep-fry anything, what would it be?

Funny you should ask!  I was talking with my wife about this the other day, and I am surprised I have never seen it… Deep-Fried Cinnabons!!!  That would be a winner, I just know it.  You heard it here first… it’s next year’s deep-fried sensation.

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Karlie Justus - blogged for the 2008 / 2009 N.C. State Fairs. This is her bio from 2009: When I'm not blogging for the N.C. State Fair, I go by Karlie Justus--but Cotton Candy suits me just fine. My earliest memories of the Fair are of the times my parents would bring my brother and I up from Asheville, N.C. for a double dose of the Fair and a N.C. State football game. Fast-forward two decades later, and I'm a public information officer for the deep fried celebration whose must-see Fair attractions include the giant pumpkins, decorated cakes and deep fried Oreos.

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