Will you use your Preview Day Unlimited Ride Wristband on this new ride?


While deep-fried food and heart-pounding thrill rides may not seem like the most natural of companions, the two always share the spotlight during the Fair. We’re always keeping an eye out for the newest additions to both, and we just learned that the ride pictured at left will debut at the N.C. State Fair in October.

The ride is a combination of the beloved swings and a drop zone-type ride. As you can tell from the photo, riders are swung in a circle while the swings go up and down the high yellow pole.

If this ride tops your to-do list for the Fair, we have good news for you: For the second year, Powers Great American Midways will offer the Preview Day Unlimited Ride Wristband for $25 on Thursday, Oct. 15.

Gates open at 3 p.m. that day, and the Midway opens at 3:30 p.m. The wristband will be good until the Fair closes at midnight.

You can only purchase the wristband on Preview Day, Thursday, Oct. 15, at the Midway ticket booths. You can, however, go ahead and get a great deal on advance ride tickets by buying early online or at select locations beginning Oct. 1. Check out our ride ticket site for the full scoop.

Check out the YouTube demonstration of the ride below. It’s filmed tilted to the left, techno music and all,  so crane your head and pretend you’re on the ride.

Note: If the video doesn’t appear, try refreshing your browser.

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  2. Nick says that it’s the “swings on crack” and he expects to see a line trailing through the entire fair for this one.


    (a.k.a. “Video cameras don’t do portrait”)

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