What makes the North Carolina State Fair the “Best. Day. Ever!”

From showing livestock to chowing down on your favorite fair foods, the North Carolina State Fair is a beloved tradition in our state. With so much to offer, the Fair offers a unique experience for every person that attends with free entertainment, thrilling rides and games, animals, family activities, competitions, vendors and of course, deep-fried foods.

Our theme for the 2023 N.C. State Fair is “Best. Day. Ever!” and that is just what we plan to make it for every single fairgoer. As the fall comes around, we thought it would be fun to highlight some of our N.C. State Fair lovers’ “Best. Day. Ever!”

When we announced the fair theme back in May, we asked our Facebook followers to tell us what makes the N.C. State Fair their “Best. Day. Ever!” We had over 1,000 responses and loved every single answer. From spending time with family to having a trip down memory lane, we found that people love the State Fair for a variety of reasons.

Here are some of our favorite comments:

“What makes the NC State Fair my Best Day Ever!! I get to go to the State Fair with my daughter. We live in different states, but it was always a tradition for us to go to the State Fair together. It’s a quality day we spend together once a year. Since we do live so far apart, it would be wonderful to get this opportunity again.”

-Ruth Dawson Achurch

“It is a celebration that marks another year of survivorship for me. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October several years ago and I went to the fair and it helped me enjoy life instead of worrying about the future. Now each year I can celebrate being a survivor with food, shows, games, and fun. It is truly my best day ever.”

-Rachel Faulkner

“Enjoying the fair with my family is the best feeling. We’ve been going 30+ years and now my granddaughter has begun our tradition. The favorite foods, sights, and smells as we stroll is an awesome feeling.”

-Vanessa Hardee

“Really enjoy a day outdoors allowing my son to be himself where he is not judged for having a TBI. He loves coming to the fair. This is a day where he isn’t afraid to try new things. Walking the outdoor vendors and exhibits allows him to relax and spread his wings for one day a year. His favorite is the wrestling vendor, as he loves to purchase many figures for his collection! Excited for this time every year.”

-Mary Bowden

“I have been coming to the State Fair for 32 years and I look forward to it every year. I have watched my son and now my grandchildren show steer, heifers, pigs. This is the best time spent with family. Every year I can’t wait to see what is going to be deep fried. Getting to experience this with my family and the families that have also become my family and friends for a lifetime. It is the best five days ever! Everyone needs to experience the NC State Fair.”

-Lydia Pamela Ledford

“The fair with my kids has always been the best times I’ve had in all the years of attending. It was fun when they were little but it’s even better now that they’re older.”

-Kelley Liverman Hardin

“Honestly, it’s the whole vibe!!! The music was perfection last year. The camel rides. The food. The people. I love every single detail. It truly is one of my favorite days of the entire year. Went twice last year and my son went three times. Loved it.”

-Becky Utley

“NC State Fair is the best day ever because I get to spend it with my grandson and get to experience it through the eyes of a child. The laughter and excitement is such wonderful memories. Most years I go twice and spend time with my family and friends. The joy of smiles on everyone’s faces, the rides, the food, the animals and flowers, the lights and smell of fair food, fireworks over the stadium. It’s just an amazing time of fun and laughter!”

-Shirley Horne

“I’m a transplant from NY, so the closest thing like this that I know of is Coney Island! This makes Coney look like a local festival for a middle school!!! Really, this has become a staple for me EVERY YEAR and LOVE the build up, the radio commercials, the local news channels updating you about the new foods and features. The BIG CROWDS (the NY’er in me), the convenience of the shuttle systems set up for transportation to and from the fair! I could go on! I’ll see you guys again this year!”

-Charles Benjamin Toler Jr.

“What makes it the best day ever for me is remembering my husband and I going there when we were dating and then, later, taking our 2 children there to enjoy the food and rides as well. Now we get to take our grandchildren there and watch the wonder on their faces as they enjoy the rides, try the foods, play games and watch the lights! And that’s all prior to the fireworks!”

-Candy Wood Collins

What makes the N.C. State Fair my best day ever are my memories that are attached to the fair. One year when I couldn’t go with my family, my brother-in-law took me on a day trip to the fairgrounds. Remembering the joy that I felt that day is something I value greatly. Come join us Oct. 12-22 at the N.C. State Fair for your “Best. Day. Ever!”

About Karsyn Westerbeek

Hi everybody! I am Karsyn Westerbeek, but you can call me Wolf Tracks. I am a rising senior at North Carolina State University where I major in Communication with a minor in Business Administration. I am from Warsaw, North Carolina, and have always been a fan of the Wolfpack. I absolutely love the State Fair and its ability to bring our community together. That being said, I am so excited to be working as a public relations intern for the State Fair this summer!

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