Vanilla Ice has mad DIY skillz

Each week until the start of the State Fair, the Deep Fried Crew will highlight one of the 2014 Dorton Arena entertainers. Tickets for all concerts and advance admission and ride tickets are on sale online here. Get your tickets early to save time and money, and to reserve your seat for your favorite Dorton Arena performer. Check out this year’s lineup here.

This week we highlight rapper Vanilla Ice, whose album “To the Extreme” was released on Aug. 28, 1990.

Vanilla Ice

Rapper and do-it-yourselfer Vanilla Ice

I envy Vanilla Ice. And not because he used a sample of a classic rock song to create one of the most infectious earworms of the past quarter century. Sure, I wouldn’t mind having a No. 1 hit and selling millions of records. And the guy had some pretty fly dance moves back in the day, too. But I envy Vanilla Ice because the guy has mad DIY skillz.

Ice (real name Rob VanWinkle) has become a successful remodeling expert known for his ability to renovate and sell homes in Florida. It’s a skill set he began developing — along with his music career — in his late teens and early 20s. His talents landed him his own show, “The Vanilla Ice Project,” on DIY Network.

I’ve watched the show a handful of times, and I’m impressed with his ability to transform these houses. Not only does he do a good chunk of the work himself, but he also encourages his team to stop, collaborate and listen. (Sorry, couldn’t resist that one.)

I’m not nearly as handy as Ice. (And I don’t cook MCs like a pound of bacon either.) At my house, every do-it-yourself project is an adventure. Just ask my wife. In fact, her preferred method for completing home-improvement projects involves obtaining recommendations for professional help.

Presumably, Vanilla Ice will not be remodeling Dorton Arena when he performs a “Throwback Thursday” show Oct. 16 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets cost $5 and are on sale here.

Now, back to the earworm. See the video for “Ice, Ice Baby” below.


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