Twitter roundup: Seven sinful State Fair foods

Food has long had a central role in shaping the way people experience the N.C. State Fair. Premiums have been awarded for the production of top notch agricultural products since the first fair in 1853, and the first booths selling food appeared on the midway around 1900. At that time, many booths sold food to raise money for churches and civic organizations, and that is still true today. What’s more, in  a survey conducted a few years back, 70 percent of fairgoers chose food as one of the reasons they attended the N.C. State Fair.

We wanted to highlight the importance of food at the fair through a string of tweets (#7fairfoods). The tweets–which were posted throughout week–outlined the seven most sinful N.C. State Fair foods that we could think of.  We wanted to bring them to you one more time in case you’re not on Twitter, you missed our tweets or you just really love fair food.

Why eat a regular greasy hamburger covered in bacon and sopped in condiments when you could take it to the next level with the Krispy Kreme burger? Toss that whole-wheat bun aside and aim instead for two mouthwatering Krispy Kreme donuts.

Nothing embodies deep fried goodness quite like funnel cakes. Though you may be tempted to forgo the powdered-sugar topping because you’re watching your waistline, go for it! The Fair only comes once each year.
Some consider mashed potatoes a great part of healthy and balanced meals. Leave it up to the fair to change all that. These delightfully delectable mashed potato bites take the food to the next level by adding bacon and cheese, then deep frying them.

Gummy bears may be good, but this is the fair, and giant gummy bears (and giant gummy worms) are much, much better! On first glance, you might think one of these bears is too much for you, but no one said you couldn’t take a piece a home.
Just when you thought Twinkies couldn’t be worse for you, we’ve brought you the Twinkie log.  The log transforms a regular Twinkie into a frozen masterpiece covered in chocolate and rolled in a topping of your choice. Photo credit: Tasting Toronto.
Chili is considered by some to be part of a healthy diet, but not at the Fair! Originating at the State Fair of Texas, a Texas Fried Frito Pie consists of all the great ingredients one would find in normal chili rolled up into a ball and deep fried. You know you want to try it.
You can have a candy bar any day of the year, but you can only have a deep fried candy bar 11 days each year at the State Fair. Whether you prefer Milky Way, Snickers or Three Musketeers we have a fix for your sweet tooth. Photo credit:

Tweet your favorite State Fair treats @NCStateFair and don’t forget to add #7fairfoods. Also, don’t forget that advance tickets will be available online at on August 1 at 10 a.m.

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Jeff Miles interned for the N.C. State Fair in 2011. This is his bio from that year: People usually call me Jeff Miles but when asked what my favorite part of Fair was, rides was the first thing that came to mind--so call me Tilt-A-Whirl from here on out. I've always been a big fan of the State Fair and I'm really excited to be working here this summer. I'll be bringing you weekly updates on the goings on at the fairgrounds and hopefully much more. I can't wait to see you all in October (and hopefully before)!

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