Toby Mac takes the lead!

Yep, Christian hip-hop artist, Toby Mac, has taken the early lead, despite a url mix-up on the part of yours truly. (Sorry to anyone this morning who tried to link to Toby Mac or Jason Aldean tickets and ended up in the Josh Turner ticket bin instead. It was quickly remedied, but an embarrassing gaff on my part. I do apologize!)

But back to Toby Mac tickets….there are still plenty of great seats left, but as of Day One, he’s sold the most tickets. The assistant fair manager isn’t surprised because he had a lot of excited people e-mailing him about this concert. Seems that this former member of DC Talk has got a large following! I’d like to encourage all Toby Mac fans, tune in to our local media partner, WRTP – His Radio, to hear all the great Toby Mac and DC Talk tunes, and listen this fall for chances to win tickets!

In case you’re wondering, Jason Aldean and Josh Turner are tied for second place, but really, everyone is selling well. Overall, we’re very happy with ticket sales on Day One. 🙂 But don’t let that stop you from ordering your tickets…there are lots of great seats left for every concert!

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Firecracker (aka Jen Kendrick) Appears as a guest blogger with a special 22-year history with the State Fair. She now works with the N.C. Pork Council, but she still lends a hand in the press office when she can. Thanks, Firecracker!

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