The State Fair Behind the Scenes: Meet the Intern

Hi all, I’m Summer, but you can call me Cliffhanger – nicknamed after my favorite ride at the State Fair. I am a rising senior at UNC-Charlotte studying Health Communications with a minor in Children’s Literature. I am currently in my second week of my summer internship.

I am from Asheville, and grew up near the Biltmore Estate. Similarly to the State Fair, we have the N.C. Mountain State Fair. This fair is also run by the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. It is much smaller but still just as much fun!

As a child, teenager, and now as a young adult the State Fair was always something i looked forward to. My friends and I would always go both after school and on weekends. I remember being that person who was always in a big group of friends when going to the fair. We were like a herd of horses eager to get on rides.

My favorite part of the fair is the atmosphere and energy created by fair attendees, the activities and the workers. At the fair, there is something for everyone to enjoy and appreciate. It is a place where adults can feel like kids again and not be looked at weirdly. Our state is full of diverse cultures and perspectives, and the fair always manages to bring smiles to everyone.

One of my favorite things about the fair is the smell of funnel cakes through the air. My annual trip is not complete until I have a hot, delicious funnel cake, it’s a tradition. There is just something about eating funnel cakes that makes the fair perfect.

I’m so excited to share untold stories and celebrate the magic of one of the most treasured events in North Carolina. Catch me on the Cliffhanger ride from Oct. 17-27!

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