Nearly 100 local musical acts featured on State Fair stages

Every year, musicians from across the state take to the Waterfall Stage at the N.C. State Fair to entertain fairgoers and share their music. This year the stage is sponsored by Live and Local powered by Curtis Media Group, creating a great place for artists to showcase their music to a wide and diversified audience. Fairgoers can enjoy just about any genre of music, including country, hip-hop and rock. And, the music is part of the free grounds entertainment at the fair.

The N.C. State Fair prides itself every year on showcasing the best of North Carolina from agriculture, food products, crafts and music and dance.

“The beautiful thing about the N.C. State Fair is that a majority of things on the grounds have a special connection to North Carolina, including all the musicians on the waterfall stage,” said Amy Cox, senior vice president of Deep South Entertainment. “It provides a platform for us as a business to showcase new and upcoming talent and is also a huge blessing to these local artists.”

Amy and her team work hard each year to put together a list of emerging and diversified talent to play at the fair. Deep South Entertainment was already well underway in the planning and booking season for the 2020 N.C. State Fair when it was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, those artists did not miss out this year.

“The artists that we had contracted for 2020 were the first ones that we called when the opportunity came available this year and many of them are making appearances at the fair,” Amy said.

A number of changes have taken place over the two-year hiatus, including Dorton Arena transitioning to the Got To Be N.C. Pavilion, but Amy is excited for these artists to showcase their talent on the Live and Local Waterfall Stage Powered by Curtis Media Group this year.

“The waterfall stage is a great location for these artists to be,” she said, “it is in the middle of the fairgrounds where many visitors grab food, take photos and sit down to listen to quality music.”

One of the groups playing on the waterfall stage this year is excited to bring a show that not only entertains the audience but involves them in the experience. The Pseudo Cowboys, from Raleigh, put on a rock show that is sure to take you back to the good old days!

“I tell people that our music is a mix of Led Zeppelin, Prince and Aerosmith,” said lead vocalist and guitar player, Adam Pitts. Adam has played solo at the fair before but is excited to play with his band this year and share their music and energy with the crowd.

“We like to do sing-alongs and get the crowd involved with our music,” he said, “the fair is a great place for us to share our energy and music with the crowd because you have people from all walks of life out there listening.”

The Pseudo Cowboys will play two sets on the waterfall stage this year, totaling about two hours of funky rock music. “I would encourage people to look up our songs on YouTube and see what we are all about,” Adam said, “we put a lot of work into our videos and, by watching them, you not only get a good feel of our music but you see the full attitude and energy behind each band member.”

One song that Adam is especially proud of is entitled ‘Nice Guy’ because of it’s funky rhythms throughout the song that not only make it fun to listen too but extremely fun for the band to play.

“It’s really challenged us as musicians and pushed us outside our normal comfort zones,” he said, “but it’s so fun to play and we love how it has come together.”

Be sure to check out their shows on Thursday, Oct. 14, from 1-3:30 p.m. In addition to the band’s YouTube channel, music from The Pseudo Cowboys can be found on Spotify and Apple Music.

Over 40 artists will take on the waterfall stage this year and cover a wide variety of musical genres. From indie artist Kate Rhudy and R&B with Throwback Collaboration Band to rock with Collapsis and reggae with the Ashley LaRue Band, no matter what musical styles you love, the N.C. State Fair is the perfect place to come find your new favorite local artist! View the full waterfall stage concert schedule here.

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