The One-Man Band: Bandaloni makes North Carolina debut at the N.C. State Fair

Paul David, the man behind the one-man band Bandaloni has traveled to many places from Alberta, Canada to Iowa performing at events and fairs. This year he will bring his singular show to the N.C. State Fair.

David has performed at fairs for the past 20 years, the equivalent of spending over four full years at a fair. He was also on the very first season of “America’s Got Talent.

David’s affinity for music began as a child a small village in Ontario, Canada. He grew up with three brothers and an older sister. His first musical influence was his brothers. David still has the guitar he first learned to play on.

“My favorite instrument to play is an acoustic guitar and a harmonica together; they are like two lovers that complement each other,” David said.

David was in a band in high school, and by college, he had formed his own band called ‘Echoes’. When he was 18, he decided to form the one-man band, Bandaloni.

“I am inspired by many things and many people, friends and professionals alike,” he said. “Having said that, I’ve always had an affinity for Neil Young and his music.” His show has music for every age group or type of music lover.

“I have songs for kids or seniors, and of course my shows are all family friendly. I am looking forward to making new friends and fans in North Carolina, one song at a time.”

In the early days, David played at professional sporting events with regular appearances with MLB, NHL and NBA teams. The first fair he ever played was in his hometown of Brigden, Ontario. David’s first gig as Bandaloni was in an old, one-room school house at a spring festival in Alberta.

There are three main components that make up Bandaloni. David has a “Granpod,” also know as “Grandfather’s Ipod,” which is a speaker made of wood. A bandwagon, the wagon that the Granpod travels on, which is powered by 2,000 watts of battery power and his drum. The drum ring is made from aluminum and is the heaviest member of the band.

Calling on his Bachelor of Fine Arts in sculpture degree, David built all his instruments by hand. “The five years of art school paid off,” said David.

Come check out the one-man band near the Holshouser Building. For more information about Bandaloni, visit

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