The Nest — THE place for official N.C. State Fair merchandise

Fairgoers can take home some official State Fair souvenirs from The Nest in the Expo Center lobby.

Fairgoers can take home some official State Fair souvenirs from The Nest in the Expo Center lobby.

Most State Fair visitors have certain traditions that make the fair memorable, whether it’s eating at a favorite food booth, buying a special souvenir or visiting certain exhibits. No matter if it’s their first year or their 50th, those special memories and traditions are part of what keeps visitors coming back to the State Fair year after year.

We know people love the State Fair, and this year, fans and super fans alike can take home their own official piece of the fair from the new merchandise booth, The Nest.

The Nest will be located in the lobby of the Exposition Center and will be open daily during the fair from 9 a.m. until 9:45 p.m.

It will offer a variety of items for fairgoers of all ages. Sweatshirts, T-shirts, hats, bibs, pint glasses, coffee mugs, license plates, jewelry, Christmas ornaments and more. Fairgoers will find new and fun designs that incorporate the year-round oval State Fair logo, items adorned with the 2016 “Nothing Could Be Finer” logo featuring Dorton Arena and Casey Cardinal, and some modern and retro designs that will appeal to all ages.

Whether for yourself or friends and family, show your State Fair spirit with some of the cool and official State Fair designs. Who knows? Maybe a visit to The Nest will become one of your State Fair traditions.

About Merrie Go Round

Merrie Go Round is the midway alter-ego of Andrea Ashby, who has officially spent 252 days during the past 24 years at the N.C. State Fair. That's perfect attendance in case you were wondering. In addition to promoting the Fair, looking for untold Fair stories and working on various special events, I also spend a great deal of time roaming the grounds taking photos for the Website and State Fair publications. I like to keep my eyes and ears posted for the unusual and different things that make the State Fair such a great celebration of North Carolina people, traditions and history. I look forward to sharing with you the things I come across on my journey.


  1. Hi,
    I am eager to obtain a 2016 NC State Fair ornament. My son became engaged at the fair and I’d like to give it to him as a keepsake. Can we work something out? 10/31/16

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