The Big Wheel Is Back!

The SkyGazer is the biggest Ferris Wheel on the fairgrounds and offers breathtaking views.
The SkyGazer is the biggest Ferris Wheel on the fairgrounds and offers breathtaking views.

If you don’t mind heights, you may recall the State Fair SkyGazer being the newest addition to North Carolina’s State Fair in 2019. Good news for fans of its breathtaking, 15-mile views, North America’s largest traveling Ferris wheel is making a lofty return to the State Fair this year

The wheel stands at 155 feet tall, or about 15 stories high. At the top, riders can easily see downtown Raleigh from the top!

Biggest Wheel LLC, which owns the Ferris wheel, has taken it to other fairs around the country including the Minnesota, Oklahoma, Wisconsin and Florida state fairs.

Every fair has its own unique view from the top of the Ferris wheel. In Minnesota, for example, riders can see the downtown areas of its Twin Cities — Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

Michael Wood, who is a partner with the Biggest Wheel, said “My favorite part of the North Carolina (State Fair stop) was how well-supported the fair was by North Carolinians.”

And it’s true! North Carolinians love their State Fair and the traditions and memories the fair holds. For many folks, a ride on the big Ferris wheel has become a State Fair must-do. With it’s height and amazing views, its a good bet a spin on the SkyGazer will leave a long lasting and thrilling memory for years to come.

SkyGazer tickets are sold separately and not included in wristband offers or with carnival ride tickets. SkyGazer tickets can be purchased online in advance or at the fair. SkyGazer tickets bought in advance, now through Oct. 14, are $6, or $7 if purchased online during the State Fair Oct. 15-24.

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