The August Early Bird gets the deal

State Fair tickets go on sale tomorrow and for those of you who buy early, you’ll have the best chance for good seats to a concert and get the added bonus of scoring free tickets to the fair.

The August Early Bird Special runs only for the month of August and it allows ticket buyers to earn up to three free adult admission tickets based on the total purchase amount in a single order before convenience fees. Planning to spend between $60 and $120? You earn one free ticket. Purchases between $120.01 and $220 earn two free tickets, and purchases of more than $220 earn three free tickets.

Let’s do the math for those of you planning on buying tickets to see Scotty McCreery on Oct. 21 or Oct. 22. If you plan on making it a date night, order two concert tickets at $25 apiece, a ride sheet for $10 (because every date night should include a ride on the Ferris wheel) plus one admission ticket at $7 for a total of $67 before convenience fees. The Early Bird Special means you get your other admission ticket free.

Another way to take advantage of this special is by bringing a group. For example, taking a group of 20 teenagers from your church’s youth group to the fair? Your order would earn you two free admission tickets to give to your chaperones.

Online admission, ride, grandstand and Dorton Arena concert tickets apply toward purchase total, and orders must be completed before 11:59 p.m. on Aug. 31.  More information about advance ticket sales can be found at the fair’s Web page.

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On the blog I go by Fun House (AKA Heather Overton). At the Fair you'll find me checking out the blue ribbon winners or hanging out in Heritage Circle. It would be hard for me to pick a favorite part of the Fair, but I can tell you one thing I hate - leaving it on the last day. I can't wait for opening day!

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