Take Time for the Frenzy

“Sancta Bos” by Cresset Christian Academy in Durham

Take a stroll around Triangle Town Center and you’ll run into some strange looking characters. “Miss Moo,” “Dali,” “Javier,” and “Merlin” are just a few of the cows, chickens and horses that have overtaken the mall as part of the N.C. State Fair Farm Animal Frenzy.

“Playin’ Hooky” by Garner Magnet High School

I was there Saturday morning with the judges to make sure everything was in place and had the chance to get a good look at all the animals. Last year’s entries into the first-ever Farm Animal Frenzy were going to be hard to top, but I think they did even better this year. I spent a good two hours at the mall just walking around all the animals. I promise every time I looked, I saw a new detail, to the point that I was sure I saw it all. But, sure enough, when I downloaded the pictures this morning, I kept catching new details that I didn’t see on Saturday.

“Corney Carney Carl” by Wakefield High School

The high schoolers did a great job coming up with artistic and fun ideas to promote the 2008 N.C. State Fair theme, “Take Time for A Great Time.” I think the most amazing part is that animals are delivered right before school starts, so this is the first project a class or club has to work on. They get the animal for less than a month before we pick them up for the public viewing period. The class has to brainstorm ideas and come to a consensus before even starting on a project.

Riverside High School chicken

So, when you get a chance, stop on by Triangle Town Center to see all the animals and then go online to vote for your favorite school. Don’t worry, if you can’t make it to the mall, they’ll all be at the N.C. State Fair, so you can check them out there!

Plan on joining us at Triangle Town Center on Oct. 2, from 4-6 p.m. for a Farm Animal Frenzy / Advance Sales kickoff!

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  1. I am just in total awe of all that great art work!

    Here’s to playing hooky 🙂

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