Take the Selfie Challenge!

Pics or it didn’t happen! The Selfie Challenge is part scavenger hunt and part photo contest. Can you find all 14 items?

Participation is easy:

  1. Visit the N.C. State Fair
  2. Snap a selfie with each listed item
  3. Upload your selfies to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and include  #ncstatefair  in the caption

Some items will be harder than others. You’ll have to check the daily schedule for Casey’s appearances at Casey’s Clubhouse. The stilt walkers are a roving act, so keep an eye out around the Flower and Garden Show. Be prepared to stay up late to snap the last item, as fireworks start at 9:45 p.m.

The only thing more exciting than visiting the attractions at the State Fair is sharing the fun through social media. While there’s no prize to be collected for completing the list, you’ll definitely earn bragging rights.

Click here to download the selfie challenge: http://www.ncstatefair.org/2018/Education/images/SelfieChallenge.jpg

Download other N.C. State Fair scavenger hunts here: http://www.ncstatefair.org/2018/Education/Scavenger.htm

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