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Last year, we asked our fans for suggestions on what they would like to see us cover on the Deep Fried blog during the fair. Thanks to your suggestions, we ended up going mano-a-mano with the Fighter, milking a cow at the NCSU Animal Science Club exhibit and learning how to blacksmith in Heritage Circle. We received so many great press-office challenges that we decided to do it again this year.

So, here’s your chance: Is there new food you’d like us to review before you come to the fair? Do you want to make sure a certain ride is worth the ticket price? If so, send us your press-office challenges by commenting below, posting on our Facebook wall or tweeting on Twitter.

We’ll pick three fan-selected challenges on Friday, Oct. 14, and cover them during the fair. Winners will receive a family prize pack including four fair tickets so you can attend the fair and try all the challenges yourself. We can’t wait to get your submissions.

About Bearded Lady

Paul Jones blogged for the 2009-2012 N.C. State Fairs. Here's his bio from 2009: Paul Jones, here (a.k.a. Bearded Lady). I love the N.C. State Fair. I love the rides, I love the food, but my favorite part of the Fair is the displays of the unusual. The two-headed snake, the world’s smallest woman, the world’s tallest horse and the list goes on. Originally from South Carolina, I hope that I can bring a different perspective to this blog as I shed light on some of the ordinary, yet extraordinary, aspects of this year’s Fair.


  1. Please try the fried koolaid at the Grille in restaurant row. It is in that little grill that stays year round!!!!

  2. Love for you to come by an try to make on of our new deep fried candy apples. It is the only one being made on the east coast and brand new. We will even share the recipe!

  3. Learn to throw clay on the potters wheel in the Village of Yesteryear.

  4. Please let me know what the Deep Fried Brownie and Deep Fried Bubble Gum tastes. Also, the Cliffhanger ride looks scary as you are laying down while riding. I definitely would need an expert opinion on that one before I stepped on that one. Thanks.

  5. I want to see the Bearded Lady shovel manure.

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