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Hi Everybody! I am Karsyn Westerbeek, but you can call me Wolf Tracks. I was born and raised in Warsaw, North Carolina but came to Raleigh for college. I attend N.C. State University where I am a rising senior. I am majoring in Communication with a minor in Business Administration, and I absolutely love it so far. In my spare time I play on my school’s club soccer team, hang out with friends, read and crochet. Fall is my favorite time of the year because not only is it football season (go Pack) but it’s also the time I get to go to the State Fair. I am so excited to be the public relations intern for the N.C. State Fair this year, as many of my favorite memories have been made at the fairgrounds with my family and friends.

When thinking of a blog alias, Wolf Track immediately came to mind. My first time trying the iconic Howling Cow ice cream flavor was at the State Fair, and I would get so excited to get it every year. However, now that I attend NC State, Howling Cow is more of a bi-weekly treat rather than a yearly treat. But don’t worry, that doesn’t make my favorite flavor any less appealing. With chocolate fudge and peanut butter cups, what could be better?

Growing up, the State Fair was something to look forward to every year. I was raised in a family of six, so packing up the car and going to the State Fair for a day was an adventure to say the least. I was always so mesmerized by the good eats and ginormous prizes available. I even attended my first concert at the State Fair, which was Scotty McCreery. I was around 10 years old at the time, but the memory of that day has never faded away. Now that I’m in college, one of my favorite times of the year is going to the State Fair with my friends. I love to go multiple times with different groups of people because there is always something new to do. Whether that be rides, games or walking through exhibits, I know that each trip to the State Fair will have something different in store.

The State Fair is a place where people, no matter who you are or what you do, can come together. I am filled with joy to be a part of such an outstanding event in North Carolina. After all, there is truly nothing better than a chilly fall evening walking around the fairgrounds with something deep fried to snack on.

About Karsyn Westerbeek

Hi everybody! I am Karsyn Westerbeek, but you can call me Wolf Tracks. I am a rising senior at North Carolina State University where I major in Communication with a minor in Business Administration. I am from Warsaw, North Carolina, and have always been a fan of the Wolfpack. I absolutely love the State Fair and its ability to bring our community together. That being said, I am so excited to be working as a public relations intern for the State Fair this summer!

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