Press Office Challenge: Flu-shot duo edition

In our continuing quest to do things we’ve never done at the N.C. State Fair, Firecracker and I teamed up to get a seasonal flu shot from Kerr Drugs. The pharmacy is offering flu shots at two locations on the fairgrounds: in the dome on the southeast side of Dorton Arena and at a booth outside the Village of Yesteryear.

I’ve been getting the seasonal flu shot for several years now, ever since that winter when my then-infant daughter brought home a flu bug from daycare and shared it with the whole family. But I’d never gotten a flu shot at the Fair, and neither had Firecracker.

So today we headed for the dome. We walked right in, presented our State Health Plan insurance cards, filled out an information sheet and rolled up our sleeves. We were in and out in about five minutes.

Keep in mind that this is the seasonal flu shot, not the H1N1 vaccine. Here are some other things you should know:

  • Flu shots are $30 each.  Please bring your insurance card and primary care physicians’ information.
  • Kerr Drug will file Blue Cross/Blue Shield, State Health Plans and Medicare Part B.
  • The seasonal flu shot is approved for use among people 6 months of age or older.

So if you’re looking for something unique to do at the State Fair, stop in and get a flu shot. It’s quick, easy and — contrary to what you see in Firecracker’s photo below — painless.

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