Orquesta GarDel brings Latin fire to Dorton Arena Sunday, Oct. 18

Dorton Arena will fill with the dynamic Latin sounds and performance of Orquesta GarDel Sunday, Oct. 18, giving Latin music fans exactly “lo que tú querías” or “what you want.” Lo Que Tú Querías is also the name of the group’s latest release.

This modern salsa band with a bold multinational sound has its roots firmly in North Carolina. The group formed just down the road from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and consists of 13 members, including horn players, percussionists and coro singers. Coro singers perform the chorus, or most recognizable part, of the song.

“One of the things we are most excited about is playing for an audience that may be unfamiliar with our music,” said Eric Hirsh, band co-director. “Fairgoers should expect high-energy music with lots of percussion. You just can’t help wanting to dance.”

Founded in 2006 by David Garcia, professor of ethnomusicology at UNC-CH, and singer Nelson Delgado, this will be the second time Orquesta GarDel has played Dorton Arena. The first was for a fundraiser in 2014.  The name GarDel combines the first syllables of both of the founders’ last names.

The band is a combination of native Latinos and students from UNC-CH and N.C. Central University who have a love of jazz and Latin music. “We have a wide variety of ages and backgrounds in the band,” Hirsh said. “Our lead singer is a retired chemical engineer.”

The group has performed all across the Southeast, as far north as Roanoke, Va., and as far south as Charleston, S.C. Although having made appearances at places like the Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival, Festival for the Eno, Cats Cradle and Motorco Music Hall, the band is excited to bring its unique blend of classic salsa and edgy funk and jazz to fairgoers.


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