New food: Joe’s Big Dogs

There are hot dogs, and then there’s Joe’s Big Dogs. The silver diner car located between the Jim Graham Building and Dorton Arena has been a surprising sight for many people walking into the Fair from Gate 2. That’s because Joe Bushfan, owner of Joe’s Big Dogs, is selling some really big hot dogs.  You can get Joe’s all-beef hot dog in three sizes: quarter pound, half pound and yes, even a 1-pound hot dog.

Blue Ribbon, Firecracker and I decided it was best to tackle the massive 1-pound hot dog together. We spent some time talking to Joe about his new Fair food and sampling the 1-pounder with mustard, ketchup, onions and chili. Here’s our review:

Note: If video doesn’t appear, try refreshing browser.

The one pound hot dog is just $12, includes all the toppings you could want and is a full meal for a family to share. You can find Joe’s Big Dogs and other food vendors at the Fair using our food finder or by downloading the new N.C. State Fair app to your iPhone or Android devices.

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Paul Jones blogged for the 2009-2012 N.C. State Fairs. Here's his bio from 2009: Paul Jones, here (a.k.a. Bearded Lady). I love the N.C. State Fair. I love the rides, I love the food, but my favorite part of the Fair is the displays of the unusual. The two-headed snake, the world’s smallest woman, the world’s tallest horse and the list goes on. Originally from South Carolina, I hope that I can bring a different perspective to this blog as I shed light on some of the ordinary, yet extraordinary, aspects of this year’s Fair.

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  1. I tried the 1/4 lb. all beef dog with mustard, chili, onions, & slaw and found it to be the Best at the NC State Fair. Could not imagine anyone eating a 1/2 or 1 lb. dog without help. This is similar to the ball park franks you get in Boston. If you don’t try these real beef dogs you will miss the best.

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