Make your trip to the fair a love a-fair

Funhouse and I collaborated on what would be the perfect fair date. We’ve come up with five things you must do on a date at the N.C. State Fair.

  1. Start your visit with a stroll through the Flower Show. The Flower Show is a beautiful oasis at the fairgrounds. You and your date can come take a stroll through the winding paths of gardens and get your photo taken on the giant Adirondack chair built for two. If you wait until dark, the Flower Show is lit up with luminaries, adding a little romance to the air. The Flower and Garden Show is located in Heritage Circle.
  2. Win a prize. No trip to the State Fair is complete without trying your hand at a game of luck or skill on the Midway. Commemorate your special date with a stuffed prize or gold fish. We are especially partial to the giant cupcakes found at the squirt-gun game near the Kerr Scott Building.
  3. Next, share your favorite fair food. We suggest the red velvet fried Oreos, mini doughnuts or the double-decker doozy, a candy apple made for two.
  4. Ride the Ferris Wheel. There’s nothing quite as romantic as a ride on the Ferris Wheel with your sweetheart. Sit close and hold hands and enjoy the view of the fairgrounds from the top.
  5. Finally, finish your date by watching the fireworks, which happens nightly at 9:45. The fireworks are the perfect end to any day at the N.C. State Fair.

Other suggestions include taking your photo at the waterfall, getting your caricature done together or enjoying a free concert at the waterfall stage. For the more adventurous, take a spin on the fair’s newest ride, the Stampede.

With the weekend approaching, Funhouse and Jane Deere hope your trip to the fair is the perfect date with whomever you choose to bring.

About Jane Deere

My name is Rebecca, but around here, you can call me Jane Deere. My love for the State Fair and all that it brings - John Deere tractors, the barbecue sundae and Midway lights at night - is what landed me here. After interning in 2013, I'm back with the Deep Fried crew to enjoy the fair for a few days.

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