Love A Fair – Mountain edition

OK, so this year’s State Fair theme totally fits me. On my way up to Asheville on Tuesday afternoon, I passed a tractor-trailer that was carrying a carnival ride. I assumed it was headed to the Mountain State Fair like I was, but in reality, it could have been headed to a number of county fairs. When I saw it, a big smile spread across my face and I thought, “I Love A Fair.”

When I arrived in Asheville, I headed straight to the Western N.C. Ag Center and drove around the fairgrounds. Even against the cloudy sky, the colorful chairs of the Appalachian Sky Ride were beckoning. Again, a big smile. “I Love A Fair.”

Today, riding around the fairgrounds among the hustle and bustle of judging, exhibit decorating, ride construction, getting ready for animals and a ton of last-minute details, it hit me again. “I Love A Fair.” The smile hasn’t left my face all day.

My “Love A Fair” with the Mountain State Fair actually started a month before my “Love A Fair” with the State Fair began. As an intern my first year, I spent a week in Asheville to get introduced to the fair before the big show. Since then, I’ve been back to visit a handful of times, but not enough.

The Mountain State Fair is the same, but different than the State Fair. They still have the rides, the food, the Heritage Village — all on a smaller, yet very respectable scale. (The last time I was up here, I had the most awesome apple ice cream. Ever. I hope that booth is back. It’s worth the drive alone.) The entertainment is great and the animal exhibits are fantastic. It’s a great fair, and you can’t beat the mountain backdrop. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend or next, I highly recommend a trip to the N.C. Mountain State Fair. I’ll bet that you’ll “Love A Fair,” too.

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Firecracker (aka Jen Kendrick) Appears as a guest blogger with a special 22-year history with the State Fair. She now works with the N.C. Pork Council, but she still lends a hand in the press office when she can. Thanks, Firecracker!

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