Like a little heaven on a stick! New fair foods announced.

Yes, it’s the news you’ve been waiting for! The list of new food for this year’s fair is now out!

Of course, don’t get me wrong – we all still love the candy apples, the cotton candy, the funnel cakes and the turkey legs. By now even fried Oreos are a staple at the fair too, but if these new foods don’t get you excited to try something new, you may want to check your pulse. Are you even living if these new options don’t make your mouth water?

When I saw the list I immediately started scrolling down to see what I might want to try… and then I kept scrolling and scrolling, and by the time I looked through them all, there’s no way I could pick a new favorite. There are 34 new foods at the fair this year! I guess I’ll have to give several of them a taste!

You can find the full list of new foods at the 2019 N.C. State Fair in the Attractions (New in 2019) section of You can even download a map to help you find all of the new foods on the fairgrounds.

I’m definitely a traditionalist in my love of funnel cakes, but can I just say the new deep fried olives sound like a little bit of heaven on a stick. …and who doesn’t love pimento cheese inside crab balls?! That’s a new option too. In case you’re wondering, here is my list of new things I really want to try this year. (These aren’t endorsements. You should definitely check out the list and decide for yourself what to try!)


Baketo Pizza Pie
  • Baketo Pizza Pie by Baguettaboutit – Keto-friendly meat crust 6-inch personal size pizza pies with only 5 carbs! Topped with mozzarella, pepperoni, green olives, avocado & pizza sauce.
  • Roasted Pumpkin Spice Corn by Douglas Farms – Roasted corn dipped in butter, rolled in brown sugar and pumpkin pie spice.
  • Loaded Lamb Nachos by Neomonde – Shawarma spiced ground lamb simmered with onions on a bed of Neomonde Baking pita chips and topped with fresh pico, feta cheese and harissa yogurt sauce.
Deep Fried Olives
  • Deep Fried Olives by Old Style Foods – Stuffed olives on a stick deep fried in a crispy batter.
  • Pimento Cheese Crab Balls by Waypoint Oyster Bar – Pimento cheese stuffed crab ball.


Campfire on a Stick
  • Campfire on a Stick by Hot Chix Hotcakes and Chicken – Mini pancakes layered with toasted marshmallows covered in chocolate with a graham cracker topping.
  • Pumpkin Spice Hushpuppy with Pumpkin Spice Glaze by Old North State Kitchen – Hushpuppy with pureed pumpkin and spices served with a drizzle of pumpkin spice sugar glaze.
Candy Apple Hushpuppy

  • Candied Apple Hushpuppy with Cheerwine Sugar Glaze by Ragin Cajun – Hushpuppy with chunky cinnamon apple sauce, cinnamon and Cheerwine with a Cheerwine and powdered sugar glaze.

Many of those new foods will be offered by vendors returning to the fair, but there are a few totally new food vendors too. Of course, other types of vendors are setting up shop at the fair too. You’ll find information/education, gifts, souvenirs, household and farm/garden goods. There’s also a list of new vendors for this year’s fair. Many of your favorites will return, but you’ll certainly have some new options.

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Tractor Pull is the fair-themed alias for Brandon Herring, a public information officer in the Public Affairs Division of the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. He's no stranger to the fair or the farm. A North Carolina native, he grew up helping on the family farm just east of Lumberton. After more than 15 years in TV news, he's sharing news of a different kind these days. He loves the rides on the fair's midway, but also loves that the fair has so many other things to see and do that are grounded in agriculture. His favorite fair food is a funnel cake with just powdered sugar - a classic!

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