It’s a State Fair Adventure

You never know what you might come across during your State Fair Adventure.

You never know what you might come across during your State Fair Adventure.

When it comes to maximizing your N.C. State Fair experience, look no further than our State Fair Scavenger Hunts. This morning Wildflower and I took on both of this year’s scavenger activities – one being a general hunt and the other a STEM-based excursion – and discovered that the thrill of the hunt is truly alive on the fairgrounds. Whether you’re looking for an educational activity or need help figuring out what to see and do, these scavenger hunts are sure to ensure that you’re making the most of your time.

As a long-time fair attendee, I know how easy it is to have fairgoer tunnel vision, rarely stopping to smell the roses. It’s very easy to have your mind so set on seeing a specific exhibit or tasting a specific food, that you can’t see the other options available.  However, no year of the fair is exactly the same and if you don’t take the time to slow it down, you might miss some pretty cool things.

While traversing the fairgrounds in search of answers, Wildflower and I were able to not only learn new things about our state and its agricultural industry, but also see the breadth of what the State Fair has to offer. Starting at Heritage Circle, the hunts took us through a number of exhibits including the N.C. Forest Service exhibit, the State Fair Ark and the Field of Dreams. We also got to see a number of performers, exhibits and roaming acts not included in the activities as we made our way from spot to spot.

Because the scavenger hunt clues only provided relative locations for where to find the answers, we were forced to do a little digging into each exhibit we visited. And by forcing myself to actively look at everything, I learned some new information I would have definitely overlooked otherwise. For example, I would have never thought to consider the science behind the construction style of the Heritage Circle blacksmith shop. I also very easily could have missed out on this year’s Field of Dreams exhibit and its new themed gardens.

sarahWhether you’re a competitive fairgoer on the quest for a ribbon, or an inquiring fairgoer in need of a framework upon which to plan your visit to the fairgrounds, a State Fair Scavenger Hunt can be the perfect guide.

And even if you finish your scavenger hunt, that doesn’t mean the thrill of the hunt has to end. You can still discover more of the diverse array of exhibits available at this year’s fair by slowing down and allowing yourself to wander just as we did.

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My name is Sarah Crump, however, in reference to all things “Deep Fried” I’ll be going by Super Shot —my all-time favorite N.C. State Fair ride. I’ve always been an adrenaline junkie and, for me, nothing could be more magical than enjoying the crisp autumn air and the sights, sounds and smells of the fair for the few seconds before the drop tower’s heart-stopping fall. I’ve attended the fair every year since before I can remember, so trust me when I say it’s a must-attend event. I am beyond excited to be the State Fair public relations intern this summer and I hope to get you all just as excited for all things fair-related through my posts.

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