Intern check-in

With the help of the Deep Fried crew, I’ve already checked several things off of my Internship To-Do List. In case you’re wondering if all I ever do is write Weekend Updates, I’m glad to tell you no; there are many other things I’ve worked on this summer.

  1. Blog: One of my responsibilities has been writing posts for this blog. Many of the Weekend Updates have my name signed to them, but I’m also working on a series of posts about contests and concerts at the 2013 State Fair.
  2. News Releases: A lot of the announcements that have been made surrounding the fair came from press releases that were written by me. Hopefully, you have heard the most recent news surrounding the announcement of the Florida Georgia Line concert Oct. 20 at the State Fair, which was a release I helped prepare.
  3. High School Advertising: This is an ongoing project that involves coordinating State Fair advertisements in high school booster club programs and newspapers. The campaign is important because we want to make sure students know about the event and fair dates.
  4. Social Media: Just recently, I have had the chance to brainstorm social media activities to promote the fair. Be on the look out for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube campaigns!

My position is filled and managed by the Youth Advocacy and Involvement Office, which offers internships across the state in many different departments. In order to give us a balanced experience, the internship program offers enrichment activities across the state. Just yesterday I was at the Governor’s Mansion for an intern reception, complete with the most delicious cookies. I’ve also been able to tour the J. Iverson Riddle Development Center and Broughton Hospital in Morganton, the Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium, the Maritime Museum in Beaufort and the N.C. Supreme Court. Each tour was led by a student intern working in that department or place.

I’m so thankful for the experience I’ve gained from working with the Deep Fried Crew; none of these things I’ve done would be possible without their encouragement and guidance. Reminiscing about the first half of this journey makes me even more thankful that this internship is not over yet. Until they kick me out, I’ll gladly continue reporting as the Deep Fried Protege.

About Jane Deere

My name is Rebecca, but around here, you can call me Jane Deere. My love for the State Fair and all that it brings - John Deere tractors, the barbecue sundae and Midway lights at night - is what landed me here. After interning in 2013, I'm back with the Deep Fried crew to enjoy the fair for a few days.

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