(Intern) challenge accepted

In a typical workplace, the interns usually do the necessary-but-mundane office tasks and “grunt work.” At the N.C. State Fair, the Deep Fried Crew is careful to make sure interns get fully immersed in every aspect of fair promotions. To help us earn our State Fair stripes, the Deep Fried Crew cooked up an intern challenge “opportunity” where Facebook fans get to suggest things for us to do. Check out our Facebook page to make suggestions and to vote for your favorite adventure for us.

It’s safe to say that Cowbelle and I will go through the ringer of audience-voted challenges, covering everything from rides and strange foods to livestock animals. I grew up as a spectator at the fair, rarely getting on the rides and instead opting for the safest fair food I could find. For this intern challenge, I’m ready for just about anything our Facebook fans can throw at us, and I even wouldn’t hate it if they asked us to eat the deep-fried frog legs!

Cowbelle here! I have grown up in the Jim Graham Building, showing livestock at the N.C. State Fair. I started off my show career with sheep when I was 4 and then began showing cattle when I was 8. I love my four-legged friends. I have been able to sample a lot of fair food and rides throughout the years, but I am ready for any wacky challenge our Facebook fans post … I think. So Facebook fans, let’s see how creative you can be.

Together, we have experience in every aspect of the fair, so we’re excited to see what fair fanatics can throw at us. Ask us to learn to quilt in the Village of Yesteryear, eat deep-fried gummy bears or milk a cow. We could even try the new Vortex ride or another thrill ride. We’re ready to take on any challenge.

About Jane Deere

My name is Rebecca, but around here, you can call me Jane Deere. My love for the State Fair and all that it brings - John Deere tractors, the barbecue sundae and Midway lights at night - is what landed me here. After interning in 2013, I'm back with the Deep Fried crew to enjoy the fair for a few days.

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