Giving back to the community at Faith Farm Supply

The Farm Family of the Day program is a new addition to the N.C. State Fair. The program recognizes 11 farm families -one for every day of the State Fair – who work hard everyday to impact our state’s agriculture industry. Families either nominated themselves or were nominated by members of the community. Thanks to Tractor Supply Company for sponsoring this program, which runs Oct. 14-24.

The Solomon family has been farming in Prospect Hill for over 50 years and not only has a focus on growing local products but giving back to the community and making a difference. Faith Farm Supply, previously known as The Solomon Farm, is currently owned and operated by Ben and Matt Solomon, third-generation family farmers. “Our grandfather Earl originally started this farm as a tobacco farm and passed it on to our father Tim,” they said, “we are honored to now be the third generation being trusted to carry on the family legacy at such a young age.”

Today, Faith Farm Supply produces a variety of spring and summer crops, including tomatoes, watermelon, onions, potatoes, squash and peppers. Products from their farm can be found at local small town farmers markets as well as their self-built stand on the farm. “This family loves and cherishes their farm,” said Brittany Cain, who nominated the Solomon family for the Farm Family of the Day program. “Their love and passion for the farm and its fruition is abundant as they try to bring honor to the farm as their grandparents would want.”

In addition to providing products to customers, Faith Farm Supply also donates a lot of their produce to local homeless shelters and non-profits to use in their kitchens and delivery programs. “Living in a close-knit, small town community, giving back in any way that we can is a priority on the farm,” Ben and Matt said.

In fact, this passion for bringing people together through food and agriculture is the main reason that the Solomon family loves the N.C. State Fair!

“We love how the state fair brings everyone together to celebrate the roots of the state that we call home,” they said. “From viewing the largest produce weights to watching the animal shows and trying the newest food concoction of the year, the fair is an opportunity for our family to plan a local trip together and appreciate the state that we have invested our time, family roots and traditions in.”

We are honored to celebrate them as our Oct. 19 N.C. Farm Family of the Day in appreciation of all the hard work they do for our agriculture industry each year. If you see them on the grounds be sure to congratulate them on this honor and support them by stopping by and trying their produce next time you are in the Prospect Hill area!

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