Gardens are a family tradition for Natasha Teasley

Walking through the Flower and Garden Show at this year’s fair, you’ll see a garden proudly displaying three ribbons. Natasha Teasley of Durham won the blue ribbon in the “Fall Beauty” garden category, the Arthur K. Pitzer award for best blue ribbon garden entry and the Commissioner’s Choice Award, given by Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler.

Her garden features fall colors, such as plants with oranges, reds and yellows. It was judged based on creativity, quality of construction, plant materials, color harmony, textural contrast, landscape design, graphics and labeling.

Teasley has been helping with gardens in the N.C. State Fair flower show for 33 years. She started helping her grandfather, Arthur Teasley Sr. when she was just 11. “His passion for the competition helped develop my love of the gardens,” Teasley said. “Since 2001, I’ve entered into the competition doing a separate garden.”

In 2013, Arthur Teasley passed away at age 93. Natasha’s garden is a tribute to her grandfather, and a promise to continue working on these gardens as a family. Natasha’s mom, Cathy, and sister, Rainbow, assisted her with this year’s creation. Her grandfather is also represented, he built the well that is part of the display.

Teasley grows plants all summer long to prepare for the fair. Most plants are grown in about 200 containers at the house. The plot takes about two and a half to three weeks to put together once she moves the materials to the fairgrounds.

Hurricane Michael coming through on Thursday did affect the garden. “The sunflowers took a beating,” she said. “We also had to replace a few plants.”

Teasley and her family not only work well together on gardens, they also manage the family kayaking company, Frog Hollow Outdoors.


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