Gabor Farms makes food accessible, affordable and exciting.

The Farm Family of the Day is sponsored by Tractor Supply Company and seeks to recognize and celebrate the state’s rich agricultural heritage and many farm families that are behind the state’s agriculture and agribusiness industry. One family is recognized each day of the Fair, either nominated themselves or by members of their community. Congratulations to the 2023 Farm Families!

Gabor Farms is our Farm Family of the Day for Thursday, Oct. 19! Owned by the DuBois Family, Gabor Farms is a gourmet mushroom farm located in Rockingham. The farm sells mushrooms in all stages, from fresh to powdered and even mushroom spawn.

“We cultivate and grow mushrooms in various medium and creative locations,” Tanya DuBois said.

The land that is now Gabor Farms was passed down from family and has been around since 1977. With such a long legacy, the farm has had its changes and morphed from traditional crops to mushrooms over the years.

In recent years, the number of small family farms in the United States has been declining. Gabor Farms aims to bring more awareness to the revival of farming in the local community. By adding new technologies to their traditional farming practices, the family makes food accessible, affordable and exciting.

Unlike traditional farming, Gabor Farms must educate their community on the process of mushroom farming. “Our family farm is in the emerging phase,” Tanya said. “We anticipate curiosity to be the first impact to the community at which time education will be our primary answer.”

Because of their nutritional and medicinal advantages, mushroom farming is on the rise in the United States. Many people are not familiar with these agricultural practices now, but in future years, Gabor Farms is planning on changing that for their community.

Gabor Farms is also part of a Community Supported Agriculture program where they make boxes of fresh produce to give to their community. The farm works to put together exciting and nutrient packed produce to give back to their community.  

Like traditional farming, growing mushrooms is a time commitment. It takes hours of hard work and labor to produce a product of high quality. The unfamiliarity of their product is part of what makes farming so exciting for the DuBois family.

North Carolina Agriculture embraces everything that makes up the state’s number one industry. From beef cattle operations to mushroom farms, the community that makes up NC Agriculture is special. The N.C. State Fair aims to be a place that is rooted in the agriculture industry.

From livestock competitions to giant pumpkin growing, there are multiple opportunities for fairgoers to see a glimpse of agriculture that they otherwise would not be able to.

“We love the State Fair because it showcases multiple types of farming in one place where multiple people can see and become aware of different farms throughout the state,” Tanya said.

If you see the family members of Gabor Farms around the fairgrounds today, make sure to say hello! Maybe even ask them about their exciting farming techniques. We are honored to have them as the Farm Family of the Day for October 19th, and thank them for their commitment to our state’s number one industry!

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