Five Reasons to Love the Fair

Triangle blogger Ginny Skalski (whose blog Ginny From the Blog always gets me humming old-school JLo) posted her five reasons why you must go to the Fair. Her post gives a run-down of her Fair adventures (a man clucking at a turkey to make it gobble back at him, composting worms, mock dream gardens) Her reasons, with some explanations:

1. Farm Animals
How often do you get to see goats play King of the Mountain or watch piglets suckle on their mom’s teat? Head over to the Jim Graham and Kelly Building to see this and more (for free).
2. The Food
OK, it’s not super cheap to eat at the fair, but it’s worth it for the novelty. I tried a deep-fried Twinkie, chocolate dipped cheesecake on a stick, a bucket o’ cheese fries and some pizza. So tasty. There’s also deep fried pecan pie and deep fried mac and cheese. Check out my review of both here.
3. Games
Be careful which games you pick, because some are just aren’t winnable unless you have crazy-weird skills. But there are games that allow everyone to be a winner. I won a glass pane with a white horse in a field of yellow flowers etched on it by throwing a few darts at some balloons.
4. The Rides
OK, I didn’t actually ride any rides. And I know that some people worry that they’re not safe because they’re assembled so quickly. But life is about taking risks. And if the Zipper is a little too risky for you, then you can always stick with the classics like the super slide. If there’s a child in your life, it’s imperative for their development that you expose them to carnival rides.
5. People watching
This is by far the best reason to go to the fair. Just buy some cotton candy, plop yourself down on a bench and watch the passers by. You’ll see children beaming with pride as their parents tote around the biggest stuffed animal they’ll ever own. And there’s nothing like watching a city kid see farm animals for the first time. Even the travelling fair workers are interesting to watch. You can ponder what their transient lives must be like when the lights are shut off for the night.

So we want to know: What are your five reasons to come out to the Fair?

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Karlie Justus - blogged for the 2008 / 2009 N.C. State Fairs. This is her bio from 2009: When I'm not blogging for the N.C. State Fair, I go by Karlie Justus--but Cotton Candy suits me just fine. My earliest memories of the Fair are of the times my parents would bring my brother and I up from Asheville, N.C. for a double dose of the Fair and a N.C. State football game. Fast-forward two decades later, and I'm a public information officer for the deep fried celebration whose must-see Fair attractions include the giant pumpkins, decorated cakes and deep fried Oreos.

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