Five… five dollar… $5 Footlong Song Challenge!

Submit your lyrics for the $5 Footlong Song Challenge by Wednesday, October 5!

Submit your lyrics for the $5 Footlong Song Challenge by Wednesday, October 5!

Are you a natural born lyricist with a love for the N.C. State Fair and Subway sandwiches? Think you can handle performing live in front a hungry State Fair crowd?

Then get ready for the $5 Footlong Song Challenge!

Subway and the State Fair are seeking singers with talent. Submit your song lyrics to the music style of your choice and you could be selected to audition for a chance to perform live at the Fair!

Selected contestants will compete for a $500 Subway Gift Card and a chance to see North Carolina’s very own Anoop Desai perform live at the Fair. 


  1. Go to and choose a style of music to write your lyrics to (Rock, Country, Hip-hop, Bluegrass or Island).
  2. Write and submit your original song lyrics.
  3. Lyrics must include the following subjects:
    • SUBWAY® Restaurants “$5 Footlongs”
    • NC State Fair’s “Whole Lotta Happy”
  4. Practice your pitch! Contestants with the best lyrics will be asked to audition for a chance to perform their song LIVE at the Fair.

From the auditions, judges will select one contestant for each style of music. Once each contestant has performed their song at the Fair on Tuesday, October 20, guest judges Bob, Kristen, Mike and Creepy Jon from G105’s Bob and the Showgram will rate each performance on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest). The contestant with the highest cumulative score will be the grand prize winner.

All of the rules and information can be found here. But you need to hurry, because the deadline to register and submit your lyrics is Wednesday, October 5.

Good luck!

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Natalie Alford blogged for the 2009-2011 N.C. State Fairs. This is her bio from 2009: I work at the Fairgrounds year-round, so I'm always in the middle of the fun! During the Fair, I work with the press office team to organize events and exhibits, and log a lot of miles on my pedometer. I'm also the County Agricultural Fairs Coordinator, which means I license, promote and visit North Carolina's agricultural fairs and enjoy thousands of blue ribbon entries every year. I hope to see you at the Fair!

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