Famous Fair rides

Ryan Gosling in the Fair scene of The Notebook. Photo by Melissa Moseley/New Line Cinema.

Powers Great American Midways, the Midway provider for the Fair, is a pro at what it does–so much so, in fact, that Hollywood often comes calling when it needs rides for fair and carnival scenes on television and on the big screen. Owner Corky Powers recaps some of his experiences in a video on the company’s site about working with Dawson’s Creek in the Wilmington area, moving an entire carnival to Maryland for the movie Boys with Wynona Rider, the Delta Burke TV show Dale, and a little movie you may have heard of (swoon) called The Notebook.

We couldn’t track down any ride pictures from the scene, but we did find one of Ryan Gosling as his character Noah in the Fair scene (above). You can see the Fair scene in clips on YouTube, where Noah climbs up a Ferris wheel Rachel McAdams as Allie is riding on. The Ferris wheel wasn’t part of Powers Midways’ collection, but two rides you spot in the movie are right here on our N.C. State Fairgrounds: the carousel (found here by the ATM in Kiddieland) and The Hurricane. We spotted both in the carnival scene of the movie.

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