Matchett demonstrates the art of hypnosis at his family friendly show

It’s no secret the State Fair offers a variety of events. It is the perfect place to find something for each family member, whether it’s cotton candy, the giant Ferris wheel, or listening to bluegrass music at Heritage Circle. I bet you didn’t know that there are multiple performances catered to entertain the entire family, from ages four to ninety-four. One of them being the Comedy Hypnotist show performed by Brad Matchett. This family-friendly Vegas-style show is one you will not want to miss due to its highly anticipated return for the first time since 2017.

Brad uses volunteers picked from the audience for the entirety of the show. No matter the age, anyone can volunteer to be hypnotized, says Brad.

“I once hypnotized a four-year-old with the parent’s permission. I made her believe her dad was smelly. It was hilarious. The entire show is completely family-friendly and usually produces a good laugh.”

Not only can you be hypnotized on stage in front of audience members, but Brad stays after each show to work with people one-on-one. Brad has hypnotized people to help them lose weight, stop smoking, study better, and more. “I’ve even helped the police in a murder investigation to help a witness recall events that happened.”

Brad shared a bit about his learning process when asked about the art of hypnosis. “I learned from another hypnotist, but I have also taken classes and do follow-up studies. I try to keep up on all the latest activities to help improve the show. 

Brad says the best part about the show is the laughter. Regardless of if you’re the one being hypnotized or simply an innocent bystander, Brad’s performance is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. This year make sure to find Brad nightly on the Waterfall Stage. Check the Daily Schedule for show times.

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