Fairgoers learn to outwit, outlive and outgrow in new exhibit

Have you ever tried growing a plant from seed? Getting the right combination of water, sunlight and nutrients can be challenging, but not impossible, even with a not-so-green thumb. 

Our new exhibit, Seed Survivor, aims to teach the secrets of growing plants with displays about the water cycle, healthy soil and photosynthesis.  The exhibit, sponsored by Agrium, is a curriculum-based educational experience featuring games and interactive displays. As you enter the tent near Gate 12, grab a passport and collect stamps by completing challenges that teach you how to outwit, outlive and outgrow the competition. At the end of the exhibit, you can plant your own sunflower seed to take home and grow using the knowledge you’ve learned.

Families will enjoy coloring together at the coloring station, looking at butterflies through the Insect Video Scope, racing to grow the most corn in the Survivor Soak game and tending to crops in Nurtrients for Life. In the game, you play the role of a farmer on a virtual farm and it’s your job to manage three corn fields by balancing the supply of water, nitrogen, potassium and phosphate.

This exhibit is also a great addition for classroom field trips to the Fair. Educational material is geared for grades 1 through 7, with strong ties to grade 4 curriculum. Teachers can request a private instructional presentation for their classroom on arrival. The 10-minute presentation will provide an overview of plant growth and the exhibit. More information about planning a field trip to the Fair, including a downloadable planning guide, will be available on our website.

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