Here's a 'sneak peek' at the new Web site. Stay tuned!!

Here's a 'sneak peek' at the new Web site. Stay tuned!!

Okay, I’ve admitted it before, but I’ll say it again…I’m a real geek. (And I’m okay with that.) We have finally put the final touches on the Web site design and let me tell you, I’m super excited to get my hands on it and start populating it so that we can make it live.  I love the look and feel of the design, which goes along the lines of the poster that was so well received when we announced the theme.

Our graphic designer, Amanda Meares, has outdone herself once again (while having to listen and take into account all of the opinions that we throw at her. Not an easy task, but she handles it like a champ!) She’s even designed a complementary design for our Twitter page. Our Web designers, Matt Ryan and Thomas McNeil, have worked hard to optimize the graphic-heavy page and make it user-friendly. They’ll be delivering the templates to us tomorrow, barring any further complications and hopefully we’ll have it ready to launch in about a week. So stay tuned!

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Firecracker (aka Jen Kendrick) Appears as a guest blogger with a special 22-year history with the State Fair. She now works with the N.C. Pork Council, but she still lends a hand in the press office when she can. Thanks, Firecracker!

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  1. Quite curious. Well played marketing plan….

    Having built 15 Fair websites and counting I love a new Fair website launch. Now that’s geeky.

    – Jake

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