Douglas Farm debuts candied grapes

For more than two decades Douglas Farms has been known for their fresh and delicious corn at the N.C. State Fair. This year they are breaking new ground by introducing fairgoers to candied grapes.

“It is like a candy apple,” said Grover Douglas, owner of Douglas Farms, “but it’s just grapes and it’s better. You’ve got to try it. The grapes will be served in a cup with 12-15 grapes per cup, making it perfect to carry around the fairgrounds and enjoy.”

Grover Douglas is a full-time farmer in Sanford. “I come from a long line of farmers,” said Douglas. “Both my father and my grandfather farmed and my brother farms too.” Proudly, Grover’s son, Will, is also a farmer. Will also helps his parents at the Douglas Farms booth at the fair.

Douglas currently grows six acres of strawberries, 85 acres of tobacco and 250 acres of soybeans on his Lee County farm. “Back in 2001 we raised a lot of sweet corn,” said Douglas. “I have always been someone to try different things, so we decided to go into the fair with steamed Silver Queen sweet corn that we had grown.” Douglas Farm now uses another supplier for corn and is better known for roasted corn and his Mexican street corn.

“Last year we brought DoriEsquites to the fair as our new food, which is Mexican street corn in a bag of crushed Doritos. It received a lot of attention from fairgoers and it was successful for us. I think we will have fairgoers coming back this year to get it again.”

Grover Douglas and grandson

Douglas is excited to see the reception to the candied grapes and he’s already thinking about 2024. “We’ve got a corn-related idea for next year that we are super excited about! You’ll have to wait to see what we will bring!”
Douglas Farms is located near the Grandstand. Look from the green and yellow striped tent.

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