Deep Fried Triangle Tweetupdate: Location, location, location

Location-based social media will be making its State Fair debut at the Deep Fried Triangle Tweetup on Thursday, Oct. 14.  We know many of our social media friends are already using location-based services like TriOut, FourSquare and Facebook Places to check-in, connect with friends and explore new places. We’re premiering another way to use them at the Tweetup with the first-ever State Fair location-based scavenger hunt with QR codes. The scavenger hunt, a partnership with TriOut, will be available from 3 to 8 p.m. on Preview Day. If you find all the clues by 8 p.m., you’ll walk away with a State Fair T-shirt.

The scavenger hunt starts with the first QR code at the Folk Festival tent (location for the Deep Fried Triangle Tweetup).  From there, it’s on to the next clue and more as you get a chance to explore the fairgounds and preview the 2010 Fair.  You don’t need an iPhone to participate, just a QR code reader available on most smartphones. You can also use TriOut for an enhanced experience. If you check-in with TriOut, you will receive this awesome badge:

The Deep Fried Triangle Tweetup is your chance to sample the latest Fair food, interact with Fair entertainers and be one of the first to preview the Fair. There will also be a special Freezerburns Live! event, where frozen food master Gregory Ng will compare State Fair brand corn dogs with corn dogs from the N.C. State Fair. Tickets are just $5, include Fair admission and are available at Stay tuned for more Tweetupdates over the coming week.

About Bearded Lady

Paul Jones blogged for the 2009-2012 N.C. State Fairs. Here's his bio from 2009: Paul Jones, here (a.k.a. Bearded Lady). I love the N.C. State Fair. I love the rides, I love the food, but my favorite part of the Fair is the displays of the unusual. The two-headed snake, the world’s smallest woman, the world’s tallest horse and the list goes on. Originally from South Carolina, I hope that I can bring a different perspective to this blog as I shed light on some of the ordinary, yet extraordinary, aspects of this year’s Fair.

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  1. Hate that I am going to miss this. Will be traveling in South Carolina all next week. Hey, hats off to everyone behind the social media planning for the State Fair. Your work is a case study in how to plan, implement and evolve social media to truly make an impact. The proof is in the pudding, and you guys are rock’n it!

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