Deep Fried Ambassador: It’s been fun!

This is a guest blogger post by our Official Deep Fried Ambassador, Ashlee. We’ll be reposting her State Fair adventures from her Miss Ashlee blog throughout the Fair.

Rocket’s Red Glare!

It has been so much fun to be the Deep Fried Ambassador! I’ve connected to people on a whole new level. I’ve discovered the Fair in a whole new light and enjoyed myself to the max!!! It’s with sweet (literally) memories that I tuck this year’s fair into the folds of life and savor it for another year. The State Fair is such a great reminder that another season has come to this great state and that I am blessed enough to take part and enjoy!

This year I learned about the goodness of gourmet funnel cakes and sharing them with friends!

I love the baby animals

and the chance you have to enjoy them regardless of your age!

I admire the children and their efforts to raise an animal,
prepare it for show, and reap the benefits of their work.

I figured out what Justin Bieber would look like
if he were a rabbit…

or a chicken!

Speaking of chickens…. I love this one made by Trinity Academy!

I love the look of wonder people get
whether it’s staring at a bunny,

psyching out a llama,

or reminiscing about an old favorite toy.

I totally empathized with the goats and the feeling
that they wanted to eat everything at the Fair!
They settled for their sign…

while I went for Deep Fried Mac & Cheese

and a pineapple whip!

I love the toe tapping beats of the bands and
singing groups in Heritage Circle. It’s such a great place to sit
and enjoy the moment. There’s just something about Bluegrass
that speaks to my soul!

I love looking at the gardens and crafts and sewing projects and baked goods and thinking to myself, I could totally learn how to do that! (in all my copious amounts of free time of course)

I love making memories with friends over food on a stick
and just all round good times!

I love the fact that even though I’ve been around a lot longer than Hubba Bubba’s assistant, I still am awed at magic shows, stilt walkers, ventriloquists and the like. There’s just something magical about having those entertainers around the fair grounds.

I just love the NC State Fair!!!

Perhaps it’s just late and I’m waxing sentimental, but I love that fact that I even have the privilege to go to the State Fair. A special thanks to the State Fair Press Office for letting me be the Deep Fried Ambassador – giving me the honor of Celebrating What’s Great as often as I could! I’m just so glad that I live in a country where I can choose to go and do as I please. Now that’s something to Celebrate!

and as I watch the fireworks from my favorite spot in Heritage Circle,
I can’t help but be grateful for all those who have fought and still serve to protect that freedom. For all the farmers, cattle ranchers, sheep herders, and the like that have spent endless hours to work the land that they so love and provide us with a reason to celebrate each year.

I’m grateful for the different cultures, histories, and stories that each person brings to the fabric that is the Stars and Stripes. And though we may all look different, speak differently, and have different fried food favorites, we at least have one thing in common…

when those fireworks go off, we all look up!
For one moment we’re united.
And that’s what our country is about.

So at the end of every day at the Fair, I’m reminded how lucky I am for the rocket’s red glare.
In the words of my own State Fair mentor and as this year’s State Fair celebration comes to a close, I have only one thing left to say…

Fair thee well…

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Firecracker (aka Jen Kendrick) Appears as a guest blogger with a special 22-year history with the State Fair. She now works with the N.C. Pork Council, but she still lends a hand in the press office when she can. Thanks, Firecracker!

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