Deep Fried Ambassador: Who Knew?

This is a guest blogger post by our Official Deep Fried Ambassador, Ashlee. We’ll be reposting her State Fair adventures from her Miss Ashlee blog throughout the Fair.

I Had No Idea!

I can’t even begin to guess how many premiums there are… I just know the book is really big.
I’m sure you’ve seen the giant pumpkins, the sheep, the photos, the quilts, and the pickles… but have you ever seen these exhibits??

(Apprentice Tent – Near the Poultry Tent)

Fine Dining
(Education/Commercial Building)

(Education/Commercial Building)

4-H Entomology (Bug collection!)
(Education/Commercial Building)

(Education/Commercial Building)

Dried Herbs (Fruits and Vegetables)
(Education/Commercial Building)

(Education Building)

click here
Graphic Design
(on the web of course)

Forage Crops
(in the Graham Building)

(Hobbies & Crafts)
(isn’t this an AMAZING playhouse?!)

Instrumental Solos
(Folk Festival Tent)
p.s. that’s a lap guitar she’s playing

And some other happenings this week that would be extra fun to go see:
Wool Breeds Sheep – TODAY! the 21st at 9 am & 11am – Expo Center
(here’s a preview pic – thanks to the folks from Cherryfield Farms for giving us the low down on the little sheepies. Seriously, folks… these people can learn ewe a lot!)

Plumbing – Friday the 22nd @ 8:30am – near the Poultry Tent
Guernsey cow show – Friday the 22nd @ 5pm – Graham Building
Horsehoe Pitching – Saturday the 23rd @ 11 & 1 – outside Gate 9

About Firecracker

Firecracker (aka Jen Kendrick) Appears as a guest blogger with a special 22-year history with the State Fair. She now works with the N.C. Pork Council, but she still lends a hand in the press office when she can. Thanks, Firecracker!

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