Cultivate a career at this year’s fair

Promoting the agriculture industry and consumer education have long been at the core of the State Fair’s mission. A new exhibit at this year’s fair, Cultivate A Career, will add to this great tradition. Located near gate 12, the exhibit is designed to highlight the importance of agricultural careers to our economy in a fun and interactive environment.

Visitors of all ages will have the chance to discover ag careers at Cultivate a Career.

Visitors will have the chance to “test drive” a high-tech tractor, try their hand at building a small-scale model barn, analyze plant and animal specimens with a microscope and promote their experiences within the exhibit to others. All of these activities are designed to help people find their fit in agriculture.

Certain careers will also be paired with specific crops and commodities to allow visitors to see the steps and occupations it takes to bring food products from the farm to the table.

After discovering which agricultural occupation suits them best, visitors will have the chance to speak with career specialists who can provide information about different job paths. In addition, representatives from community colleges, the FFA, apprenticeship programs, agribusinesses and other related organizations will be on hand to answer questions about ag-related careers. USB drives loaded with information including career statistics, website links and resources on non-agricultural careers will also be available.

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Jeff Miles interned for the N.C. State Fair in 2011. This is his bio from that year: People usually call me Jeff Miles but when asked what my favorite part of Fair was, rides was the first thing that came to mind--so call me Tilt-A-Whirl from here on out. I've always been a big fan of the State Fair and I'm really excited to be working here this summer. I'll be bringing you weekly updates on the goings on at the fairgrounds and hopefully much more. I can't wait to see you all in October (and hopefully before)!

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