Crafty idea from State Fair quilter

Saturday’s post from The Selvage Blog, a selvage quilter’s daily read, featured an idea from Elena McDowell for selvage postcards. Selvage is the uncut edge that runs down the right side of fabric. The blogger explains the simple project:

If you don’t already know how to make a selvage postcard, you will in 1 minute. Apply your selvages to stiff interfacing like Pellon (the non-fusible kind). Trim to a rectangle a little larger than your postcard stock. Attach your selvage block to the postcard by sewing a nice zigzag stitch around the outer edge. See the bottom photo.Trim. All done.

McDowell, who sells her wares at Quilts by Elena and on the Etsy site under Carolina Squirrell, will also be showing her quilts at the Fair in the Commercial Educations building.

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