Concert lovers: Tickets go on sale Monday at 10 a.m.

Julianne Hough performed in Dorton Arena at the 2009 N.C. State Fair

Julianne Hough performed in Dorton Arena at the 2009 N.C. State Fair

Hoping to be in the front row for your favorite concerts at the State Fair? Then you better be sitting in front of you computer at 10 a.m. on Monday morning. That’s when we’ll flip the switch and tickets will go on sale. The first hour is usually pretty hectic and the website can get bogged down for little awhile as everyone tries to get those coveted seats. So I’m recycling our annual tips on how to have a successful concert ticket purchase:

  • BE PATIENT! Things may run a little slow, but your order won’t time-out.
  • Go to the State Fair’s website a few minutes before 10 a.m. You can either go to the Tickets page or the Concerts in Dorton Arena page to buy tickets for a specific artist. When it gets close to 10 a.m., start refreshing your browser. You’ll see “Buy Now” buttons when it’s time to go on sale. Note: It doesn’t matter what time it is on your computer. The tickets go on sale when the eTix server says it is 10 a.m., so it may be a few minutes earlier or a few minutes later than 10, based on your computer clock. But keep in mind that if you refresh too often, your computer may cache the page and not actually refresh. Check your browser settings to clear the cache if you still don’t see the “Buy Now” buttons.
  • You’ll want to buy your concert tickets FIRST. Then go back and buy your admission and ride books.  (Admission is NOT included in the price of the concert tickets.) And don’t forget about the Early Bird Special: if you buy at least $40 in purchases before convenience fees, you’ll earn a free admission ticket. (More information on the Early Bird Special program here.)
  • Have your credit card ready- we can only accept MasterCard & Visa. Don’t type spaces or dashes as part of your credit card number. Also, you’ll need to know your credit card’s security code, so go ahead and identify that ahead of time.
  • If you aren’t happy with the seat selection, you can try to check back a little later as better seats MAY be released. This is because a seat selection is held for at least 5 minutes. If a purchase isn’t completed, or if a credit card transaction is not approved, those seats will be re-released into the general pool of tickets available for purchase. WARNING: You are not guaranteed better seats if you wait because it depends on whether or not people go through with their transactions or not, so try this tactic at your own risk!
  • There is no limit on the number of concert tickets you can purchase (unless you are buying more than 99, in which case you need to contact us directly.)
  • Lastly, everything is processed through our great ticket partner, Etix. So if you have problems, they are going to need to help you out. Here’s a link to their support page.

Now that you know how it’s done, tell us – which concerts are you most excited about?

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