Coming to a TV near you

Production of the State Fair’s TV commercials has begun. MSA, the advertising agency for the fair, proposed an interesting concept marrying still photography with animation. I would characterize the approach as the State Fair meets “South Park” (but without the profanity).
Above is a glimpse of the photo shoot that took place July 16 at MSA’s studios. The actors were shot using a wide-angle lens, and their heads will be put on animated bodies in the commercials. Look for the finished ads on the air beginning in September, about a month before the fair opens.

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Most folks know me as Brian Long, but when it comes to the State Fair blog, I'm Flying Bob. Why Flying Bob? It's one of my favorite carnival rides. Plus, once the fair kicks off, I feel like I'm flying in circles at high speed. (All that's missing is a ride attendant shouting, "Do you wanna go fasterrrrr!") Here at the State Fair Press Office, it's our job to give you as much information about this massive event as possible. That's one of the reasons I enjoy contributing to this blog. I hope you'll enjoy reading it.

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