Changes to 2021 Youth Livestock Shows

Check out a livestock show, or see the junior livestock winners on display in the Expo Center.

Although the State Fair had to be canceled last year, the Youth Livestock Shows were fortunately still able to go on. The shows are continuing this year, however, they will still not be operating in their pre-pandemic state as was hoped. Because of the financial hit these shows took when revenue was not generated by the 2020 State Fair or other events held at the fairgrounds, some changes will have to be implemented to keep the show going.

Below is a list of some of this year’s major changes:

  • The schedule will be much more spread out, allowing species to be spread out over the course of the fair, and even prior to the fair. The first show is occurring October 10, four days before the beginning of the fair.
  • To help offset costs, entry fees will now be required to enter a show.
  • All entries will only be done online.
  • Only market animals eligible for the Sale of Champions will be sold.
  • Truckload sales will not be offered so participants should plan to take animals home.
  • The Junior Market Lamb Show will add a Hair Sheep division, creating three divisions within this show: Crossbred, White-Face Influenced, and Hair Sheep. Youth will be allowed to enter three market lambs, so long as no more than two are in the same division.
  • The Market Lamb upper weight limit will be 160 pounds.
  • Junior Market Steers entered in the British Breeds division must be qualified and tagged as Got to Be NC.

More information regarding the changes being implemented at the Youth Livestock Shows can be found here. You can also remain updated on any further changes by following N.C. State Fair Livestock on Facebook.

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