Casey’s top five ways to save

Casey bursting through Oval 1

There’s a new bird in town – fair mascot Casey the Cardinal. And he’s got lots of tips for fairgoers. This week we are looking at a few of Casey’s favorite ways to save.

  1. Buy your fair tickets in advance: Tickets to the fair are much cheaper if purchased on or before Oct. 15. Each advance ticket is a $2 savings. Advance tickets for adult admission cost $8 and children ages 6 to 12 cost $3. However, the BIGGEST savings are with ride sheets. Before the fair, buy 18 tickets for $10. At the fair, these same tickets are $1 each. Math is not Casey’s strongest subject, but that means if you and three of your friends each bought an adults admission ticket and a ride sheet, it would cost $72 if purchased at the advance sale price. That’s a savings of $40 off prices at the fair. That money can be used to buy roasted corn and the most trendy fried treat you can find! Fair tickets are available online or at 10 walk-up locations in the Triangle area. Want to save even more money on tickets? Get organized and find 39 friends to join you for a group ticket order. Advance group tickets are $6 for adults and $2 for ages 6 to 12.

    Get your tickets in advance online at or at one of 10 walk-up locations in the Triangle area.

    Get your tickets in advance online at or at one of 10 walk-up locations in the Triangle area.

  2. Special deals: For our fans that are coming to the fair four or more times, invest in a mega or mini pass. Four-day access to the air is $24. That’s a savings of $16 off gate admission. Mega deals offer 11-day access to the fair for just $66, a savings of $44 off gate admission. The mega and mini passes are available online only. Taking your family to the fair? Take advantage of a deal especially designed for families. Family Four packs include four admission tickets and two ride sheets for the price of $44, or $32 off the gate price. This deal is available online only.
  3. Like to ride? Come early in the fair: Thursday, Oct. 15, is Preview Day. The gates open at 3 p.m. and fairgoers can enter the gate for the advance sale prices. Also on Thursday, unlimited ride wristbands are available for $28 per person. Friday, Oct. 16 is FRIDAY FRENZY. Students with a school ID card or report card can gain entry for just $5. It’s also another great day to come if you want to try to ride most of the 100 rides we have on the grounds. Wristbands will be available from 10 a.m. to close for $34.
  4. Lunch Pass: Wouldn’t it be awesome if while the fair was in town you could just take a long lunch and go eat? Well, don’t tell your boss but you can. Come in Gate 9 off Trinity Road or Gate 1 off Hillsborough Street at 11:30 a.m. or after on weekdays. Purchase a lunch card for $10 cash only. Enjoy lunch at the fair, then return your lunch card at the same gate purchased for a full $10 refund. You must leave by 1:30 p.m. to get your money back.
  5. Food Lion Hunger Relief Day: If you like saving money and supporting a good cause plan your fair trip on Thursday, Oct. 22. Gain FREE entry for five cans of Food Lion brand food. This event is one of the largest one-day canned food  drives in the state and it benefits the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina.

At the fair there’s plenty of ways to save money, too. Pack your own drinks and pick foods you can share. Of course, the memories you’ll make with your family and friends will be priceless.


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