Casey’s top 5 fun things to do for free at the Fair

Casey bursting through Oval 1

There’s a new bird in town – Fair mascot Casey the Cardinal. And he’s got lots of tips for fairgoers.  This week we are looking at a few of Casey’s favorite things to do for free.

Discover new North Carolina music.
We’ve got the Homegrown North Carolina Concert Series. More than 80 bands are playing at this year’s fair on three separate stages. Casey can’t wait to find a new favorite group to practice his swanky dance moves.

Pick a racer on the Hogway Speedway

The racing pigs have moved to behind the Kerr Scott Building.

The racing pigs have moved to behind the Kerr Scott Building.

The Circle “C” racing pigs and the Hogway Speedway have moved to a new location behind the Kerr Scott Building. The races promise as much thrills as NASCAR, with the addition of squeals and Cheese Doodle prizes for the race winners.

Play Casey’s favorite game: The fair freebie challenge

See how many points you can earn while walking around the fairgrounds looking for freebies. Scoring is as follows: stickers and food samples are 1 point, other items are 2 points and items you win after performing an action (signing up for things or completing a quiz) are worth 5 points. How many points can you get in an hour? (The current record holders are State Fair interns from 2013 who racked up 72 points in an hour.)

Or, download a scavenger hunt from the N.C. State Fair website. Completed ones earn a ribbon!

Check out a few of my roaming friends.

We’ve got some real characters roaming the grounds (and I’m not talking about fairgoers!) Be on the look out for the FloraSapiens, Zachari, Lady Winterina, Lady Oh La La, Mother Earth and Rock-it the Robot.

The vegetable petting zoo is in the Expo Building.

The vegetable petting zoo is in the Expo Building.

Check out the biggest and the best in the Expo Building

Admission is free to check out the giant pumpkins, watermelons and other blue-ribbon winners in the horticulture section. While in the Expo Building, visit the Vegetable Petting Zoo and check out the breeds of cows on display in the State Fair Ark. Do you know the different between a Belted Galloway and Ayrshire?

Grab a daily schedule, check out the website or download the app to plan your day at the fair. And let us know some of your favorite free things to do. Maybe Casey can check them out this year.

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On the blog I go by Fun House (AKA Heather Overton). At the Fair you'll find me checking out the blue ribbon winners or hanging out in Heritage Circle. It would be hard for me to pick a favorite part of the Fair, but I can tell you one thing I hate - leaving it on the last day. I can't wait for opening day!

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