Best in Show decorated cookies inspire feelings of fall

Sometimes an entry stands out right from the beginning. That was the case when Rhonda Parsons’ fall-flavored decorated cookies showed up for the Decorated Cookies competition in the Education Building.

The cookies won Best of Show, taking home $25, a blue ribbon and bragging rights for Parsons. “We had several great entries in this category,” said John Buettner, competitions director. “Parsons’ cookies were a standout for their intricate design, attention to detail and use of color and creativity.”

Rhonda Parson and her grandson, Brooks

This year’s entry marks Parsons’ second win in the Best in Show category. She also won the honor in 2018 with her pickup truck and pumpkins cookies. “Cookies are something I started making about five years again,” said Parson. “It’s a hobby and something I enjoy making for family and friends.

“The idea for my entry this year came from an online cookie decorating class I found on Facebook. The cookies were actually part of a set of four, but the design I chose because I knew I wanted it to be my State Fair cookie.”

She uses a projector to project the image on her hand-made sugar cookies and then uses edible markers and other embellishments for the design work.

Parson’s 2018 Best in Show Decorated Cookies

Parsons lives in Timberlake and has worked for Blue Cross Blue Shield for 35 years.

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