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The N.C. State Fair Scavenger Hunt takes kids on a fun journey of discovery.
The N.C. State Fair Scavenger Hunt takes kids on a fun journey of discovery.

Want to earn a little extra credit at the fair? The N.C. State Fair makes learning something fun with three different scavenger hunts geared towards elementary, middle and high school students.

The scavenger hunts are sponsored by Wake Tech WakeWorks Apprenticeship and are just one of the tools that teachers, parents and homeschoolers can use to help make a trip to the fair educational. They are designed so everybody can learn a little about agriculture, competitive exhibits and some of the other agencies that have booths at the fair.

Sample Questions:

Elementary: How many pounds of apples are grown in N.C. each year?

Middle School: Which Village of Yesteryear potter uses horsehair in the firing process?

High School: Why are there light and dark rings in a tree?

The scavenger hunts will start at the Wake Tech Wake Works Apprenticeship booth in the Apprenticeship Tent and take students to 10 different locations on the fairgrounds. Look for signs at these locations that will provide the answers. Students can turn in completed scavenger hunts at the information booth at the front of the Expo Center to collect a State Fair Adventurer bookmark.

While at the Wake Tech WakeWorks Apprenticeship booth adventurers can learn about opportunities to earn an income while learning a skill that employers need. Students that are at least 16 years old can join a tuition-free #WakeWorks Youth Apprenticeship Program and earn college credits while in high school and gain experience in a real work environment. Get started now

Also new this year is Flower Show Bingo, which will take fairgoers on a colorful trip through the Flower Show area. This game is design for both youth and adult fairgoers. With many high school and college horticultural classes as well as garden clubs, this game can add an element of competition to your visit.

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