Artist Spotlight: Justin Moore

Justin Moore

Justin Moore performs in Dorton Arena on Oct. 24. Tickets are $5.

Justin Moore will be the last artist to take to the stage in Dorton Arena this year. As matter of fact, he should be finishing up his show around the time the fireworks blast off to signal the end of the 2010 N.C. State Fair. During the show, concertgoers can expect to hear the four Top 40 hits from his self-titled debut that have propelled him into the country music limelight. Listen for “Back that Thing up,” “Small Town USA,” “Backwoods” and “How I Got to Be This Way.”

Moore grew up on a farm in Arkansas surrounded by extended family, and his rural roots come through loud and clear in his songs. He has writing credit on almost every song on the album. On the video for the song “How I Got to Be This Way,” Justin claims that everything in the song is true. If that’s the case, he’s certainly learned a lesson or two on the farm:

…I’ve been kicked in the face by a horse ’cause I ran up too fast behind him
And I shook hands on a deal with a man and found out he was lying.
I’ve broken a couple good girls’ hearts cause I said I loved em knowin’ I couldn’t
And I’ve given my heart to a woman who said she’d stay when I knew she wouldn’t

Yeah, I’ve done some pretty stupid things but hey
I’m a little bit harder and whole lot smarter
That’s how I got to be this way. …

Catch Justin in concert in Dorton Arena on Sunday, Oct. 24. Tickets are only $5 and can be purchased at The video for “How I Got to Be This Way” follows:

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