Aromatic Roasters Roast Up the Best Cup of Joe at N.C. State Fair

Dominic Treadwell of Aromatic Roasters

Dominic Treadwell with Aromatic Roasters of Pittsboro won the annual coffee competition on Friday, Oct. 12.  This brew master won $100 along with a N.C. State Fair ribbon and, of course, bragging rights. The contest is sponsored by Dilworth Coffee and Stockton Graham & Co.

Mello Coffee Roasters of Davidson was named reserve champion and earned $75. Honorable mention went to Carrboro Coffee Roasters of Carrboro.

The 12 competitors were judged based on their brew’s aroma, flavor, balance, after taste, acidity, body, sweetness and overall impression.

Exhibitors were responsible for a written description of their coffee entry, roasted coffee beans for grinding and brewing coffee for a panel of three judges to taste and test, water for brewing and grinding and brewing equipment. Each brewer is allowed five minutes to set up and ten minutes to brew.

“We have a few new competitors that came out this year and some that have competed with us in the past,” said Peter Floyd, Sales Director of Stockton Graham & Co. “These individuals are representing their company, and they are all local brewers to N.C.”

Coffee is the second largest commodity in the world, right behind oil. With coffee beans from all over the world, our local brewers from across the state have brought their talent and expertise to the fair to challenge others in their brewing art.

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